About DirtyLeopard

My Life Story

My name is Jason Appleton and I have been a web designer and online marketer for over 15 years. My first company out of High School was a web design business I later sold by my 21st Birthday to a company I then began working for to run their division. Through the years I’ve dabbled in multiple industries while learning new technologies. In the music business I used online marketing to build exposure for bands on tour and to drive Digital download sales. As a Mixed Martial Arts promoter, I used online marketing to build newsletters, sell fight tickets and build exposure for unknown fighters. Currently, I’m the Director Of Business Development and I help lenders and real estate agents with web based marketing including lead generation, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Graphic Design as well as Web Design.

dirty leopard and Billy Bolts

The Cartoons you see all over the site are characters from an interactive storybook for Kids I created called Billy Bolts: My Fathers Keeper. It’s a story about a young robot engineer who was raised without his father and he finds a clue that leads him to believe his father is still alive and BIlly goes on a search to rescue him. It’s about bullying, never giving up, achieving your goals and most of all, forgiveness and is based on my life. You can download it for FREE, with no in app purchase, no in app marketing, just my contribution to our youth who may enjoy it. Someday I’d like to create a board game featuring the Billy Bolts cast and new characters as well as possibly a young adult novel. We shall see.

The Goal Of DirtyLeopard.com

My goal in launching DirtyLeopard.com is to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn to help others achieve their online goals. It’s not an easy world to live and prosper in, but it’s certainly possible and with the right tools and guidance, you can achieve anything you want. My hope is that readers of this site will honor my efforts with comments, shares and likes so that I may be able to reach more people who need the help as well.

I wish you the best of luck in all that you do and hopefully, DirtyLeopard.com will be able to help.