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Why Aged Domains Are Helpful and Where To Get Them

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Did you know buying a brand new domain will take you longer to rank than a domain that’s already been indexed at least 2 years or more ago? We explain why and where and how to get a domain name that will get you off to the right start. Back in the good ole days you could buy a domain name, spam it full of backlinks and rank a site pretty easily. Now however, if Google sees a new site with too many backlinks, they put it in a not so happy place called the “sandbox”. The sandbox is a place websites are put by Google that restricts their ability to rank above the 20th position in Google and as the saying goes, the best place to hide a dead body is the 2nd page of Google results.

So, what you want to do is find a domain that is aged. Meaning, it was actually indexed by Google at least 2 years ago, or more if possible. Maybe you bought a domain name 5 years ago but didn’t do anything with it but let it sit. That isn’t aged, because it was never born! It’s been in the womb all this time, never to see life or Google’s index spiders. So, sadly, that won’t cut the mustard. It has to be a domain that has been indexed!

Now, one of the best places I find to locate and purchase aged domains is Godaddy Auctions.

godaddy auctions

In the big rectangular box in the middle, put in a keyword associated with your business. If you’re in real estate, try real estate, home, house or something of that nature. Hit go, and see if anything comes up.

godaddy auction real estateAs you can see, there are plenty of options. Now you just have to find one that fits your business, brand or goal and to make sure it’s at least 2 years old or older. To the left of the domain names in the list is a + sign. Click that and it will open more details about the domain.

aged domain results godaddyHere, you can see any bids or offers on the domains, their age and pricing. The cost of the domain is the fee paid to the owner and not your standard annual domain fee. Now, we want to make sure that the domain name you want is actually as old as it says it is and that it wasn’t used for anything you wouldn’t want associated with your business. So, I want you to copy one of the domain names you’re interested in. In this case, I think has some potential. Then go to Wayback Machine and paste the domain into the field there and hit Browse History.

wayback machine resultsOH NO! That domain hasn’t been indexed before! That means someone registered it 6 years ago but did nothing with it. It’s more or less useless for our needs.

If I scroll down and look through the available domains, I see and when I run it through Wayback Machine, I see it was first indexed on April 3rd of 2013. That’s a nice place to start and the domain is general enough to fit just about anything real estate related, so now I want to make sure the domain wasn’t used in some Churn and Burn campaign whereby someone spammed with with tons of crappy backlinks to get it ranked for lead generation or something. So let’s go to to run a backlink check.

ahrefs search


Plug the domain into the site explorer box and hit Search.

ahrefs results page

Alright, so, good news and bad news. The good news is, there’s really nothing pointing to the domain. No social signals, no backlinks, etc. You have an aged domain with a clean slate. Bad news is, you have a clean slate. hah! Would be nice if it had some activity to give you a leg up but, it’s an aged domain and it’s cheap so, you are saving yourself a couple years. However, if you could find a domain that is older the domain of your most competitive site, you will be in a much better position to out rank them in the future. But, this domain will do.

Once you have confirmed you found a domain, it’s aged enough and there aren’t any crappy backlinks or shady sites involved with it, go ahead and register your account on Godaddy and buy the domain. If the domain has a Buy Now option, the process should be quick. If it’s an Auction domain, you’ll of course have to remain the highest bidder until the end. From the time you buy the domain to the time it’s transferred to your name takes a few days, sometimes up to a week or so depending on the status of the domain at the time of sale. In other words, if the domain owner let the registration lapse without paying his recurring annual fee, they could be within Godaddy’s recall time period that allows the owner to renew the domain before it’s officially sold off to someone else. It doesn’t happen often, but, Godaddy wants to avoid any issues so they allow time for this just in case.

You’re one step closer to launching a powerful website with ranking potential. But don’t get too cocky pond scum. You haven’t done anything yet!


Aged Domains
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Aged Domains
The value of an aged domain and how to find them, make sure they are actually aged and make sure they aren't flooded with crappy back links.
I have been involved in online marketing for over 15 years and am inspired by others to learn while teaching the latest tricks in the field.
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