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First Things First

At ease soldier! You sit before me at this very moment a scrub! Nothing! Your dreams of making millions online with the click of a button are officially over! There is no such thing! You will not rank your website to the Top 10 position in Google in 60 days, I don’t care what headline or marketing ploy you’ve read. IT WONT HAPPEN! You are going to have to put in the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears to make your first $1 in this war of online marketing! But once you make your first $1, it’s a LOT easier to make your second and before you know it, you will be making hundreds, even thousands a month.

BUT! It’s going to be a hard road and you’re going to be beaten and bruised before it’s all said and done, but if you prove to be a DirtyLeopard Soldier, you will also see that it’s all worth it! At that point, you will have graduated DirtyLeopard Blog Marketing Boot Camp.

Prove Your Progress

This Online Marketing Bootcamp is a major effort and we’d like to know that it’s benefiting people who have discovered it. As such, we request that you post screenshots of your progress on our Forums, along with any questions you may have.

By the time you have graduated from this Boot Camp, you will be making money online and will join the ranks of your fellow soldiers. Are you ready to begin?!

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Rank: Private

blog marketing boot camp rank private

In this module: Keyword Research, Aged Domains, Website Theme/Site Speed

Rank: Private First Class

blog marketing boot camp

In This Module: Website Setup, Plugins, Onsite SEO

Rank: Lance Corporal

blog marketing boot camp

In This Module: Newsletter/Auto Responder Integration, Social Media/Branding

You are now armed and ready for war. I will be the first to step onto the battlefield with you and the last to step off, Soldier. You will never be asked to do what many before you including myself haven’t done ourselves. So buck up, lock and load and get ready!

Rank: Corporal

online marketing boot camp

In This Module: Product Research, Affiliate Signups, Social Media Automation

Rank: Sergeant

affiliate marketing boot camp

In This Module: Your First Article, Stealing Competitors Content Fairly and Making It Better

Rank: Gunnery Sergeant

make money online blog marketing boot camp

In This Module: Video Creation, Video Marketing

Rank: First Lieutenant

blog marketing boot camp

In This Module: Tiered Backlinks

Rank: Captain

affiliate marketing boot camp

In This Module: Landing Pages, PPC Management & Remarketing

Rank: Major

seo tools and reviews

In This Module: Competitive Analysis, Stealing Your Competitions Backlinks

We use the term “Stealing” loosely on DirtyLeopard as a way of describing the act of using what your competitors have done and remodeling the effort to suit your needs. We are not copying and pasting content here or doing anything malicious. Keep that in mind. SEO war isn’t about taking someone out, it’s about rising above them!

Rank: Colonel

online marketing boot camp

In This Module: How To Steal Your Competitors Customers

Rank: Major General

affiliate blog marketing boot camp

In This Module: Parasite SEO

Rank: General

online marketing boot camp

In This Module: Top Secret Module for those who have proven their progress thus far.