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Cold Calling For Closings

I teach you how to make the best out of your Cold Calling efforts.

I’m going to teach you how to become a cold calling shark. Your closings per hour will increase and you will find your calls happening with more ease and effectiveness. Get rid of the cold calling jitters and into the hot seat because by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be on fire!

I’ve been in sales the majority of my life and for many years, being self employed out of High School, I never really knew what a good sales person was. I just did what I had to to bring in business and never gave much thought to it.

My first business was a web design company that I started as a sophomore and later sold at 21 years old. I was in the music business for a number of years and I was one of the top Pro/Am MMA fight promoters in the country for 6 years. Of all the businesses I’ve had and learned from, one thing I realized was that I was always selling and building relationships. However, I didn’t recognize this as being a big deal until I got tired of the ups and downs of self employment and began working for someone else. I put out on Facebook that I was looking for a career change and someone who owned a local Mortgage Branch that had come to to my MMA event for years instantly had me come into his office to sell me on becoming a Mortgage Loan Officer. I took a leap of faith and entered a completely different industry I knew absolutely nothing about and he assured me that with my skill sets, it wouldn’t matter. What I knew he couldn’t teach me and what I didn’t know I’d learn. In an environment where all other loan officers had 1 to 2 million dollar loan pipes I built mine to over 7 million.

I was making 150 calls a day to non exclusive leads with an interest in refinacing their homes. I was competing with 15 other loan officers for business on every call and it was my job to not only sell them on the company, but me. I did it well. I however, couldn’t stand the swings in the business. Loans falling apart for silly reasons and not feeling completely in control of the outcome which held my livelihood in the balance. Knowing the stress was getting to me, I took on a new role as the Director Of Business Development for my boss. You see I’ve been in marketing for 15 years in several different industries. I had a lot of skill sets that I never realized were so valuable to someone else. So, we decided to take my strengths and apply them without my having to worry about the ups and downs in the industry and it’s been working out very well. I’m now not just working to help 1 branch manager but multiple branch managers in 2 states and soon, I will be part of the National Marketing Team for this National Private Mortgage Lender I work for. My passion however, is helping others achieve their goals.

I love teaching and educating others on how to become a better version of themselves by using my experience and arming them with tools to help them, which is why I’m writing this guide on cold calling. The fact is, you don’t need a 500 page novel and collection of DVD’s to help turn your cold calling around. All you’ll need is what I provide you in this article and the biggest thank you that you can offer, is a positive comment and sharing it with your co-workers. Maybe someday, I’ll be able to speak to you and your co-workers in a seminar and really help you take things to the next level, but for now, let’s get started.
Do You Believe?
I’m an emotional guy. Plain and simple. I feel things. I was a bit of an empath as a child and would just know things about people when meeting or talking to them. As such, if I’m selling something, I have to truly believe in it or I’m already cut off at the legs. Whether you are reading this to help you get a job in sales or you just want to get better at it, ask yourself. Do I believe in what I’m selling? If the answer is no, then you need to do one of two things. A. Walk away and find something you do believe in or B. Dig deeper into what you’re selling and find the things that inspire you to stand behind it. Quite frankly if you don’t believe you are offering something that a person needs, you can’t inspire them to want it from you.

For example: Let’s say your job is to set meetings for a Loan Officer or yourself as a Loan Officer. You need real estate agents to want to send their buyers to you for financing. Now, these realtors are being called by multiple LO’s every week and it’s your job to stand out amongst the rest. How do you do that? Some training courses would have you beat an agent down with call after call until they submit to a meeting. Does that work? I’d say, it depends on your market but where I’m from that would only get you blacklisted from every agent in the area because they all hang out and know each other and you don’t want to be known as the pest that nobody wants to deal with. In bigger markets that tactic may work but ultimately I think it’s bad practice. The fact is, if you truly believe in what you are offering, you will find yourself more capable of being naturally inspirational about it and if takes a couple of calls over the course of a couple of weeks, that’s just fine too in some cases depending on what you’re selling.

Make a list of all of the positive things that separate you from your competitor. In the case of a Loan Officer with my company my list would look like this:

We are an agency direct lender that can close loans other lenders can’t.
We have in house underwriting.
We service the majority of our loans instead of selling them (Less underwriting headaches).
We are team based with a focus on strong communication.
We are focused on building lifelong relationships.
Every loan matters.
We close on time, every time.

Now, this sounds like I’m pitching you on my company, but that’s not the case at all. What we are doing is creating inspiration and rebuttals. You see, I know this list to be true and thus inspiring to me because I know what my target market, i.e Realtors need to help their business. I’m not just trying to sell them on a “service” I offer, I’m trying to convince them to want to learn more about something I believe will truly help their business if they give me the opportunity to show them. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in.

Believing in what you are offering someone else isn’t just about knowing what your company can do or what your product is, it’s about being able to solve problems. A problem is the cause for the birth of invention. It’s about knowing your customer and being able to relate to them while providing a solution. Chance are, if you have been making cold calls and falling on your face it’s because of one or both of two things. A. You don’t believe in what you’re selling thus, you can’t convince someone else to. B. You lack the knowledge of what your selling to be confident enough in it to not be beaten by the person you’re calling. Have you ever had a sales interview where  the sales manager asked you to sell him a pen? Lame, right? Take his pen, grab a sheet of paper and write up a quick agreement that says “I, DirtyLeopard will work for you for one year, at no expense to you. This agreement is made by and between myself and ___________ Sales Manager. Signed, DirtyLeopard and _________” then give it to him.” He will need a pen to sign the agreement and you happen to have one for however much you want to be paid for that first year. Obviously, this is creating demand and a solution to a problem.

So, I want you to think of your product, company or service and create a list of the reasons why it will help your target over what your competition is offering. We will be coming back to it.

As I said above, one of if not the biggest hurdle you’ll face in cold calling is confidence.
Confidence in what you’re selling and confidence in yourself to not be beaten on every call. Just today I was coaching someone on making cold calls to realtors and I told him to go through his CRM and randomly click a name. He did, and I said now look at the profile and previous notes. What can you tell about the person based on this. The profile had a photo of a woman, her company and a note about how busy she was having to deal with her kids during the summer and not much time to get things done and didn’t have time for meetings. I said ok, now call her and get a meeting with her. He looked at me and said “but her notes say she doesn’t have time”. Put on the spot, he froze, he was presented with a problem and didn’t have the confidence to turn the problem into a positive solution. I called the realtor myself and talked to her for about 10 minutes and booked the meeting.

My associate was shocked, as was everyone else that heard everything going on in the office. How did I book the meeting? I used the notes someone had entered in the past that explained how this realtor beat them during their call and used it as a means of beating her. The fact is, everyone has 15 minutes or so to meet, you just have to give them a good enough reason why. I told her that I understood she was very busy this summer, but it’s time we began planning for how she was going to ramp up her business when her kids go back to school. Now, there was obviously more involved in the call such as questions she had about the company, a little joking around to keep her off edge and slightly entertained and a system of things I’ve learned to do naturally to build rapport and inspire the target for the meeting.

This woman’s reason for declining meetings was because she was too busy with her kids. Everyone has a reason not to buy, commit or be closed. Your job is to figure out what that is and hopefully, with enough practice be able slam dunk a rebuttal or two on the fly without having to follow up later. Everyone has a button and when pushed, they are yours. Some people have an ego button, a results button, a caution button etc. You have to figure out what that button is in the limited time you have with them on the phone and push it to get the close. Confidence also comes from being prepared. If I sent you to war with a butter knife would you feel confident? What if we planned your attack and armed you with the gear you needed to accomplish your goal? Preparation is as much a part of building confidence as everything else. You will learn more about this in the prospecting section.

When someone tells you no and gives you a reason, they are giving you a road map to how to connect with them and become a solution for them. If you aren’t solving their problems, you’re adding to them. Confidence enabled me to close that meeting. I have established confidence in multiple ways including the fact that I believe in what I’m selling which in this case is partially listed above in the Belief section. I also know my business and my product, our limitations and our strengths so that I can better control the conversation to flow in the direction I want it to go.

To be confident about what you’re selling, you have to believe in it and know everything you can about it.

Now you might be saying, “I believe in my product or service and I know everything about it, but I still struggle with rejection and am so afraid of saying the wrong thing or looking stupid.”

I see this a lot and the reality is, not only are you thinking too much about one person (it really is a numbers game after all is said and done) but you’re giving yourself too much credit. What I mean is, chances are any calls you make today aren’t going to remember you at all in a week unless you closed them. You are likely one of MANY sales calls this person gets in a week and unless you are TRYING to piss them off, you are just another voice in the midst of other voices trying to get something out of them (until you’ve proven to them through your belief, passion and education that you are actually trying to open an opportunity for them not the other way around). When it comes to Business To Business calls, especially when you’re dealing with the whales of your industry, most of them will know they are being sold even if you’re amazing at it, and will respect you for being amazing at it. They understand rebuttals, going for the close and all of that and there is no shame at all in being prepared and showing them how passionate you are about something you know will help them and if you’ve done your job well, they will not only have been closed but they will respect your talent and likely your company. If you are that good at your job, maybe everyone else at your company is as good at theirs…

All of that being said, without being one on one with you, to know your strengths and weakness I will say that if you are naturally a bit dry, calm, boring, monotone, etc, then it’s time to reinvent your phone persona. You’re alter ego if you will. People respond to infectious positivity, happiness, confidence and knowledge. You are trying to attract commitment from other people using only your voice and if you aren’t able to do so naturally, you’ll have to fake it until you make it. If this is you, I want you to think of some amazing sales people you’ve seen either in movies or elsewhere. Have you seen Boiler Room? If not, stop reading this right now and go watch it, 5 times. At least the first half.

Their sales approach in the movie isn’t very personal and complete BS, but the idea is, you have to establish that confidence in your pitch and if you have to channel a different personality to feel comfortable with it, then go for it.

Picture yourself wealthy, full of vibrance and of great health. You’re great looking, great smelling and everyone wants to know you, but you only have time for the people on the other end of your phone. These people are who you care about. They have something you want and you have solutions to their problems and you won’t let their ignorance allow them to push you away. You will educate, inspire, entertain and close these people because that’s what you do. You will be cheerful, charming and quick witted and capture their interest and attention and talk as long as it takes until you feel the opportunity to strike. This is your new alter ago, name this person and when you wake up in the morning, tired and groggy, go into the bathroom and look in the mirror and practice being this other person. If you are this person on the phone, nothing can stop you and if by some chance this person gets rejected, its not you being rejected, it’s this alter ego. You can be anyone you want to be on the phone. If you know you aren’t cutting it as you, be someone else and get the close.

When I’m making calls, I go through my CRM and get my agenda setup for the day. I start with the lowest tier targets to get into my groove. Lowest tier being the people who have the least to offer my business but are worth calling on. This enables me to warm up and set the pace. There is nothing worse than leaving voice messages all day long and one thing I’ve learned is, the people who are at the top of their game are typically the ones who answer their phone. The ones who never answer their phone are typically the ones who are lazy busy. Meaning, if they have to make a phone call, respond to an email and have a meeting in the same day, they are slammed and neglect their business. These people are great practice and depending on how you do your prospecting and what industry you’re in, you can typically figure out who these people are. These people are confidence builders because if the call doesn’t go well, so what. And if it does, it can really get you ramped up for the calls you do care about.
Preparing Your CRM
Preparing my CRM to me is my very first step in locking and loading for war. I open up my CRM and as I add new contacts, I try to find as much as I can about them so that when I call them, I know as much as possible about them with which to establish a connection. What all you are able to get will depend on your industry and who you are calling, of course. If you’re B2B, then this is much easier because if you have a name, phone and company, you can locate pretty much anything you want. I will add a photo of them to my CRM so that when I talk to them, I am looking at their picture to create more of a “face to face” vibe during the call, and I’ll reference their name, phone number and or email address into Facebook to find them there and see what tidbits I can uncover about them, such as are they dog lovers, fisherman, married, have children? Whats their favorite movie? Music? Etc. All things that can come up in casual sales conversation and build a connection.

If you’re selling a product and or service to an individual, the information you have may be more limited but you can generally get a name, phone and email to reference around the web to gather intel.

You are a shark, circling your prey and they don’t even know it until you dial the number and strike. You have the upper hand. You know who they are, what they like and don’t like and you have a lot in common, right? Of course you do.

What you gather about the person can very much help you determine your approach when you call them. Are they at the top of their game or industry and likely very busy? Maybe they are new to their industry and could use a strong contact with lots of support and perhaps some introductions? The more you know, the better your calls will be. With enough practice, you will be able to size someone up based on just how they answer the phone and know exactly what direction to take the call from there for maximum benefit.

Now, a lot of this may sound like I’m wanting you to become someone you aren’t and do and say anything you have to to get the close. I’m not. Nothing is better than a sincere sales person that truly cares about their customers and that sincerity shows through. What I’m saying is, you have to find where you are most comfortable so that you can engage your customers from a place of strength which will free your mind to achieving your goals. I genuinely care about everyone I call. I refer to them as targets in this article because they are in fact targets. You have placed a bullseye on them because they have something you need with which to feed your family. Your target is your goal.

Read this article a couple of times and then put it into practice and I promise you that your results will get better. Practice makes perfect and you will likely fumble and foil for a while, but MAKE ANOTHER CALL. Don’t screw up a call and waste time feeling sorry for yourself or trying to ramp yourself back up to make another one. JUST DO IT. Challenge yourself to make more calls each day than you did the day before and before long, you will be closing more of those calls than you ever have. Everyone has bad days and nothing is worse than talking to voice mail boxes all day, but you’ll have those days too.

Keep pushing forward friend!

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Mass Planner – Social Media Automation Tool Guide http://dirtyleopard.com/mass-planner-social-media-automation-tool-guide/ http://dirtyleopard.com/mass-planner-social-media-automation-tool-guide/#respond Thu, 16 Jul 2015 04:14:07 +0000 http://dirtyleopard.com/?p=621 Mass Planner is the Best Social Media Automation Tool Around, Period! Est Reading Time: For years I’ve been trying every tool around to automate not just one, but all of my social media accounts and I finally found the best social media automation tool in existence. Mass Planner enables me to automate everything! I’m growing [...]

The post Mass Planner – Social Media Automation Tool Guide appeared first on DirtyLeopard.com.

Mass Planner is the Best Social Media Automation Tool Around, Period!

Est Reading Time: 10 minutes

For years I’ve been trying every tool around to automate not just one, but all of my social media accounts and I finally found the best social media automation tool in existence. Mass Planner enables me to automate everything! I’m growing all of my social accounts on autopilot and I’m going to show you how to do the same, right now.

I’ve literally spent years looking for a tool that enables me to do everything Mass Planner does and I found it by accident. It’s been around a little while but not many people seem to know about it apparently. Mass Planner enables you to put your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and LinkedIn accounts on true autopilot. It will search for and add you to groups, post to those groups for you, interact with posts, like things and more to get you in front of thousands of people and get your numbers increasing day by day. It’s quite honestly amazing and I don’t say that about much software.

Mass Planner Social Media AutomationThis is a screenshot of my new Twitter account for DirtyLeopard. I’ve had Mass Planner running for about a week so far on what started as a brand new twitter account. I did nothing but setup the account, configure Mass Planner and let it run until now. I haven’t turned on the Unfollow feature yet but will when I get to a certain point and I have 257 followers, all of which came from being related to specific keywords I setup. This is really good for a weeks worth of not doing anything…so let’s get into how we setup Mass Planner and configure it for your accounts.

 First Things First

The first and obvious thing you’ll need to do is get your copy of Mass Planner by clicking the link. It’s CHEAP at only $10 a month.

If you don’t already have them, you’ll want to go and setup your Facebook, Google, Twitter and Pinterest Accounts now and save your username/passwords.

Once you’ve purchased your account, download the software and we can get started!

Start by logging into your account like so:

mass planner log in


Now, let’s take a look at the Dashboard Tabs so you know where you’re going and what you’re looking at.

In the Summary tab you can review all the actions performed by Mass Planner in a chronological order. You will see the actions for each account. If the application encountered an error while performing an action a Yes will appear in the ERROR column.

mass planner dashboard summary

The Statistics Tab shows you a series of useful data about your campaigns like the number of published posts per day, minimum and maximum number of posts per day ( this is an average of the whole period you have been using Mass Planner) along with a chart.

mass planner dashboard statistics

Social Profiles displays the status of the various social media accounts you have configured in Mass Planner including some statistics on what each account has going for it at the time such as groups that account is joined into, follows on the account etc.

mass planner social profiles


The Tools Tab shows you the social accounts you’ve setup with the Automation element status of each. In other words, if you have Auto Join turned on for your Facebook account, it will show you that Facebook’s Auto Join feature is turned on with the status at it is now.


mass planner tools

Settings Tab shows you the general application settings for the software.

mass planner general settings

Destination Lists are where you will setup what you want each social account to do, actions to perform and so forth. Don’t worry we will be getting into all of this in detail and you’ll be a pro in no time. We are just getting you familiar with the screens first.

mass planer destination

Campaigns List: I don’t currently have any content campaigns running but this is where you will set those up.

mass planner campaigns

Alright, so you know your general way around the software and what to expect when we reference these tabs from here on. Let’s get started with setting up your software and your first social media account.

 Add Social Media Account

So on the left dashboard, click Social Profiles and then click on the Add Profile Button.

add social media acount


Did you know Twitter is the second largest Search Engine next to Google? People search Twitter for content like they do in Google and when you #hashtag content on your Twitter account, its like tagging your post as relevant to that keyword and helps it become found in Twitter searches. So, that being said let’s start by adding your Twitter profile.

add twitter account

Name your Twitter account in case you have more than one Twitter account you plan to add. Add some tags if you’d like which can help you find your accounts if you end up becoming a power user in the future and drop in your username and password. Once it’s all been added, click Verify Account. It’s status will change to pending. After a minute or two, provided there aren’t any issues with your username and password, when you click on the Social Profiles Tab, you’ll see your account is now Valid and ready to use.

Add Twitter Account

add your twitter login details

Setting up all of your social media accounts is pretty straight forward but just to make sure we cover everything, this video below will show you how to setup your Google Plus account and Facebook Account using proxies. You likely won’t need to use proxies unless you know you need to and if you know you need to, you likely have proxies to use, but if not, you can get cheap proxies here.

Alright, so your accounts are setup in the system and now they just need some instruction on what you went them to do. So, on the left Dashboard panel click on the Tools tab and you’ll see the Twitter account you setup. The image below is what you’ll see next.

Follow Settings

mass planner twitter settingsTwitter Settings Breakdown

Follow TabThese settings dictate your auto follow operations. It will seek out and follow people related to keywords you setup In the Follow Sources Tab) for the account. After a while, you can change these keywords to find new people to follow.

Wait Between: This is how long you want the software to wait between actions. The default settings are fine typically and so the system will run through a cycle every 45 to 90 minutes.

Follow Between: Broken down by operation, this is the number of people the tool will Follow between cycles. With Social Media, it’s common and somewhat expected for people to follow back, meaning, you follow them, they follow you back in exchange. Though not everyone does this, which is why Mass Planner has an Unfollow system as well. We will get to that in a bit.

Follow A Maximum Of: The number of people per day you want to follow.

Stop The Tool for: Default settings are fine here. You can restrict the tools actions to prevent any issues with being flagged as spamming etc but the default settings are fine. This is more for people who change the settings to blast the world in a short period of time and then want to take breaks, which you don’t want to do. That type of thing is more for hard core marketers churning and burning accounts for affiliate sales and things like that.

Follow Between (Time): This is so you can set your account to run during your own typical awake times or if you just want it to run during your night times. Mass Planner doesnt take many computer resources but if you want it to run these cycles only at night, you can set it that way.

The settings below here are pretty self explanatory. Follow only people that have a profile image, has a minimum number of tweets, etc.


Follow Sources Tab

mass planner follow sourcesThe follow sources tab is where you define who you want Twitter to connect with.

Follow People By Keyword: This is so powerful. If you want to find and connect with people in an industry, plug it in here. I want to connect with people in Cincinnati, OH, Kentucky as well as Realtors and Public Speakers so you can see the keywords I used here. Maybe you a realtor and you want to connect with people in your market, so use your market and neighborhoods as keywords. Homeowner, Cincinnati, Loveland, Buy A Home, Sell A Home etc. The software will run out and follow everyone it finds with those keywords associated with their profile. It’s very powerful

Follow Friends Of Target Accounts: We are all competing for something. Maybe you’re a realtor who wants to know everyone another realtor knows? Maybe you want to have the same Twitter reach as someone else? Plug that persons Twitter account in here and it will auto follow all of their followers…hah!

Follow friends of existing friend: This will tell the tool to pick random people from your results and follow their friends.

Follow people from provided list: If you happen to have a master list of Twitter accounts you got somewhere, plug them in here and the system will follow them all for you.

Follow members from provided Twitter Lists: This will follow members of particular Twitter lists you provide.

Once you have this all setup, go ahead and click Start Auto Follow (Upper right corner, Blue Button)!

You’re off to the races! Oh, but we aren’t done. Click the Follow Back Tab.

Follow Back Settings

follow back settingsSame as the Follow Tab, except this will figure out when people follow you and follow them back up to your specifications. Then click Start Auto Follow-Back.

Unfollow Settings

twitter unfollowYour Unfollow Tab sets the specifications on if and when to Unfollow people.

Unfollow items after a minimum of (set to 10 days) just to be nice.

Everything else can remain default except: Add a check in Target all followers from Autofollow. If you leave this unchecked, it will only unfollow people you used the software to follow in the first place. If you check it, it will begin to unfollow anyone that hasn’t followed you.

Now: Click Start Auto-Unfollow

Favorite Settings

twitter favoritesThis is where we begin the actual interactivity of Mass Planner. This will Favorite items from Twitter related to keywords you specify.

Keywords: Add your keyword terms here.

Everything else here can be left at default settings. Click Start Auto Favorite (Top right Blue Button).

(I know you already got your copy of Mass Planner, but if by some odd chance you haven’t yet, Get It Here!)

Retweet Settings

twitter retweetsRetweets are important on Twitter. It shows you care and are active which inspires others to retweet things you post which is exactly what you want. If you’re a realtor or other professional and you post something on Twitter, you want as many people as possible to see it, find it etc and Retweets are when you basically, post something someone else posted by clicking a button. The default settings on this Retweet Tab are fine unless you want to reduce the number of retweets you do per day. You can change that 5 to a 1 or 2 and set the times if you’d like.

Retweet Comment: This should be very short but a general comment that would be added to the percentage of Tweets you Retweet with the percentage being changeable below the Retweet Comment box.

 Retweet Sources Tabretweet sources

 Again, here on the Retweet Sources Tab you can specify which keywords you want the content you Retweet to contain. You can also add a specific list of Twitter accounts that you want to Retweet from or from Twitter Lists.

You should now have your first Social Media account setup, configured and already working in the background. For the sake of not making this article 15,000 words long I’ll assume you can figure out how to add your remaining Social accounts to the system. If you have any questions, just ask in the comments.

Now, there is a lot more you can do with Mass Planner such as Group Joiner, Group Posting and Content Publication which I will be adding in an update to this article very soon.

Mass Planner is honestly one of the most amazing, time saving pieces of software I’ve found to date and for the price, it’s an absolute steal. Set it, forget it and in a month or two your social media accounts will be buzzing like beehives and helping you generate much wanted traffic to your site.


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What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click Advertising, otherwise known as PPC is a way to generate exposure for your product, site or service above organic search results in Google through means of a bid per keyword auction system. Organic ranking being websites that appear in Google due to their metrics meeting Googles requirements for content, relevancy, social signals, bounce rate and a slew of other things Google looks for to determine how high something should appear in Google’s results for a particular keyword. Organic ranking takes time, effort and commitment and for those of us who have more money than time to launch a new product or service, we look to PPC.

ppc advertisingThe PPC ads appear based on a variety of factors. The highest bidder doesn’t always get the top position and if you play you cards right, you shouldn’t have to pay top dollar to beat out the others. PPC is setup as an auction, but Google also cares about how well your ads are recieved by consumers and as such, rewards you with higher position the more active your ad is. So break it down a little bit, if you bid $2 per click and someone else bids $2.50 per click and both of your ads appear before 1,000 people and your ad gets more click throughs than theirs, you will be rewarded a better position without having to beat their bid.

Why PPC Marketing is BAD?

PPC can cost you a fortune, especially if you aren’t doing things properly. Chances are if you’ve attempted PPC in the past, you likely didn’t see much in the form of results, called Google Support, they had you ad a bunch of new keywords and convinced you to increase your budget and you lost all that cash with just a smidgen more results than before. Other more aggressive types may have gone into a bidding war over a keyword thinking they HAD to be #1 which is never a good thing.

PPC marketing does not scale. If you get more traffic, you pay more money in nearly direct proportion to that traffic – your cost per click stays constant, and your overall cost increases. Compare that to search engine optimization, where you invest a fixed amount of time and/or money to achieve a better rank, and your cost per click goes down as you draw more traffic.

Why PPC Marketing is GOOD!

PPC marketing can generate traffic immediately. It’s fairly simple and straightforward. Bid enough or work the campaign properly for lower bid costs but higher placement and potential customers will see you first. PPC advertising is fast and effective.

PPC enables you to surpass the most well prepared organic SEO content out there without years of cultivating and content production which costs a great deal of money to achieve.

PPC can also be a bargain hunters dream. It’s possible to find niche keywords associated to your product or service that you can get for .10 a click which is a great way to generate relevant traffic without having to bid on the more competitive and thus high cost keywords available.

Pay Per Click is trackable! This is the big thing. With a properly setup PPC campaign you can track the actions of your traffic so you know which keywords are converting. This helps you weed out the non converting keywords so that you can decrease your overall cost per lead. This is a part of fine tuning your campaign which we will go over later.

 How PPC Advertising Can Benefit You

Most businesses can’t afford advertising solely through PPC ads because it can get very expensive, especially if you don’t have a high margin product or service to justify the ad expense over time. You have to figure out what you stand to gain from generating a click through PPC. What is your goal? Are you looking for home buyers for your real estate website and maybe every $100 in PPC ads you get a new buyer and potentially a %500 to %2,000 return? Are you selling a new product that grants you $50 in profit per sale and your conversion cost is around $25? Then PPC is perfect for you. You just have to figure out what your costs are against your profit and then scale accordingly to figure out if PPC is worth it.

PPC isn’t really something you want to dump money into without a clearly defined goal and a way to track and capitalize on your campaign efforts. This means having a solid lead capture system in place on the page you are directing your traffic.

Making PPC Marketing Work For You

So, we now get into the meat of Pay Per Click. How do you setup and engineer a successful PPC campaign?

#1. Track Your Conversions

In order to truly know how well your campaign efforts are working you’ll need to know if you are converting the traffic your buying through leads, sales, etc.

  • Visitor Fills Out A Form
  • Visitor Purchase A Product
  • Visitor Joins a Newsletter

A conversion doesn’t have to be a sale, but an action performed that stands to generate income for you at some point. The action has to be worth more than your cost per conversion. Period.


keyword conversions

2. Write Quality Ads

Many PPC marketers do what is called Split Testing. This is where you run two different ads for the same keyword for a period of time and then go over which ad performs best before deleting the least performing ad and scaling up the other. You want to your ads to draw clicks and the better the ad, the more clicks, the more clicks the lower the cost and ultimately the lower your cost per conversion.

3. Make changes as needed to your campaign!

Your first couple weeks of establishing your PPC campaign will be running split tests and monitoring the performance of keywords. Your goal here is to find out which ads work the best and which are performing and which aren’t. This will tell you which ads to get rid of as well as which keywords aren’t producing results. You want the lowest cost per conversion ratio you can get so you want to get rid of the trash and scale up on the top producing keywords.

Setting Up Your First Campaign

Now you understand the basics of PPC Advertising so now we are going to start walking you through setting up your first campaign. You will need to setup your Conversion Tracker code once you setup the campaign to get the most out of this tutorial. So, make sure you do that. If you aren’t sure how, post a comment here and I will make an addition to this tutorial later if there is enough demand. It’s pretty straight forward, especially if you’re using WordPress.

When you first log into Adwords, you’ll start on the Accounts page.

ppc management 1Click on the Red + Account button. Select New Adwords Account. You’ll end up seeing the screen below.

new ppc account

Name your account based on it’s focus or business effort. The details here are self explanatory. Once done, click Create Account button. You’ll see the screen below. Then click on the name of your account to begin setting up you first campaign!

ppc management campaign


Once on the campaign screen, since this will likely be your first campaign you will see this screen. Click Create Your First Campaign.


create your first ppc campaign

Below, you will see several screenshots which are the screens you will see as you scroll down. Let’s walk through this step by step.

name your PC campaignGo ahead and name your campaign. Should be something relevant to the kind of ad you’re going to run. Keep Standard Features and Click the Dropdown and choose Search Network. You could do Search and Display if you have banner ads ready to go but we will keep this focused on just Search Ads for now. Scroll Down.

ppc locationHere is where you can target your ads to appear only for people in specific market locations. If you’re a Cincinnati, OH agent, you might select Cincinnati, OH within a radius of 25 miles in the Advanced Search link. That means that even if someone googles “Real Estate” they will only see your ad if they are within the area you have designated. Further down you can choose whichever languages or ethnic groups you want to see your ad.

Scrolling down further you’ll come to the budget and bidding. It starts automatically set with Adwords dictating your budget. Let me ask you, if I were a car sales and and you were on a budget, would you hand me your credit card, pick a car and ask me to price it for you and just run your card for whatever I thought was best? Didn’t think so. Set this to Manually Set My Bids. This is where this guide will start to get very handy for you before in a minute or two we are going to teach you what makes reading this whole guide worth it.

ppc budget

Set your default bid to $2.00 for now and whatever daily budget you are comfortable with. Keep in mind, the first week or two of your campaign will not be the greatest performer. It’s going to be the period in which you will learn which keywords are converting into actionable leads/business for you and thus your Cost Per Click will be high at first. It’s ok. It’s all part of the process.

Ad Extensions

These could prove to be very helpful to you depending on your business. For a Realtor, having your phone number appear under your ad could generate some phone calls, but the flip side to this is you will likely want people to come to your site and use your site to find real estate, and enter their information into your lead capture etc. Give them something to sink their teeth into. My opinion is, adding a phone number to your add can be a distraction and while it may get you a couple calls, it could push lots of others away entirely. It’s a psychology thing.

Site links could be used to link people to specific markets within your MLS, so this could be helpful.

Location is important if you’re a brick and mortar shop of some kind looking to drive foot traffic.

Once you have all of this figured out, click Save and Continue.

social media ad groupThe example above shows you how I would structure my first PPC Ad Group and Ad with the focus keyword being “social media automation”

This will of course vary based on your industry. Let’s say your ad is for “Cincinnati Real Estate” and you want to drive people to use your site to find properties and then submit their contact information to you. I would do something like this:

cincinnati real estate ppc

Ok, so scrolling down a bit further you will see the place to enter the Keywords you want to target. I am hoping you used my Keyword Research Guide to establish the keywords you want to use and you should know roughly what the Cost Per Click suggestion is for each and how much traffic to expect per month. Go ahead and plug your keywords in the box like so:

cincinnati keywords


The screenshot below shows you a breakdown of the example keywords I just plugged into the Keyword Box above. These are my results from Keyword Planner and show that “cincinnati real estate” is searched for 1,900 times per month with low competition but a $2.75 per click suggested bid. This means that in reality, there are a lot of people bidding the price of that keyword up for their real estate sites and honestly, it’s such a broad keyword that although it is likely to drive a lot of traffic (at a hefty cost) it probably won’t convert that well, but we can try it.


cincinnati keyword planner resultsNow, when we add all of these keywords to our campaign, you can set your max per click budget. I have 1 keyword that is almost $3 per click, three that are under $1.00 and 1 for about a buck fifty. What happens is, if you set your max CPC to $3.00, that just means that you will never pay more than $3.00 for any of those keywords and if someone is willing to pay $4 while you’re at $3, they will get the top position. It doesn’t mean you won’t get ANY position. And this is key. You see, you dont WANT the #1 position for your ads. Everyone thinks you do but what you’ll get are all of the happy clickers punching in keywords full of curiosity to see what comes up. Your best position in Google Search rankings is between 2 and 3! Yes, I mean it. I’ll explain more in a minute but for now, go ahead and put your max CPC Default Bid at $3.00

Go ahead and Save and Continue to Billing. Add your Credit card info to your billing section and save that. After all of that is completed, you’ll see something like this:

cincinnati ppc cpc mainThis screen is telling me that my current Default bid is too low to even get on the first page of results with my ad for some of those keywords. As I move over to the Max. CPC Column and go down to the $3.00 across from Cincinnati Real Estate Keyword, I can click that and change my bid specifically for that keyword.

Go ahead and increase your bids for your keywords to where you can at least get first page placement.

Once you have completed all of that, go ahead and let your campaign run for a week or so. You aren’t going to spend more than you daily budget that you set before so don’t worry, but make sure it’s at least $20 a day and that you start with a couple hundred in your budget. You’re going to let your ads run for a week and then come back and we are going to rework your campaign based on your Click Through Rate, Conversion Rate etc.

When you come back to your Ad Group and Click your Ad Group title after some time, you’ll see something like this.delete bad keywordsMax CPC – self explanatory.

Impr – How many times my ad was shown during a search for that keyword.

CTR – Click through rate is big. The higher your CTR, the cheaper you can get better placement for that keyword. You’ll see my bid is $1.50 but the suggested bid for that keyword is actually $2.50. It says my ad is rarely shown but as you can see, it’s shown plenty and in the 2nd position. I dont want the first position and based on my budget, I don’t need my ad shown every time it’s possible either. I care about getting conversions on a budget, and because my CTR is almost 3%, that’s actually considered pretty good and thus enables me to lower my CPC bid and still not only get traffic, but traffic more inclined to convert because I’m not drawing in all of the happy curious clickers at position 1.

The rest of the columns are pretty self explanatory, but what you want to do now is look through and see which keywords are costing you money but not leading to conversions. If they aren’t converting, all those clicks are doing is increasing your overall Cost Per Click for your campaign and you don’t want that. So, delete the keyword or just pause it from your campaign.

This is where you clean up your campaign to get rid of the keywords that aren’t performing and you are lowering your bid on the keywords that ARE performing. Once you have eliminated the keywords that aren’t converting for you and lowered your bids on the keywords that are (by .25 to .50 each time while you continue to monitor the performance) you will see your Cost Per Conversion go down, your conversions go up and you will be able to ramp up your budget further knowing that your money is going to keywords that will actually perform.

Does this all make sense? You never want to call Google and ask them what to do. They will help you blow all of your money fast and make sure you never come back again. If you follow this guide, you will be well on your way to Pay Per Click success, nomatter your industry.

I would love your feedback on anything I may have left out or questions you might have to leave a comment and let me know how I can further help you.

Thank you and be well.

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Content Marketing: How To Write Articles That Rank http://dirtyleopard.com/content-marketing-how-to-write-articles-that-rank/ http://dirtyleopard.com/content-marketing-how-to-write-articles-that-rank/#respond Fri, 03 Jul 2015 23:53:40 +0000 http://dirtyleopard.com/?p=580 Learn How To Structure and Write Your Articles For Maximum Benefit Est Reading Time: Ranking a website through content marketing in 2015 will depend a great deal on content as well as social media signals. Content length suggestions are increasing as well as the demand for media within the articles you write. Some people try [...]

The post Content Marketing: How To Write Articles That Rank appeared first on DirtyLeopard.com.

Learn How To Structure and Write Your Articles For Maximum Benefit

Est Reading Time: 5 minutes

Ranking a website through content marketing in 2015 will depend a great deal on content as well as social media signals. Content length suggestions are increasing as well as the demand for media within the articles you write. Some people try to cheat the system by buying articles from bulk writers or spinning existing content with spinning software which typically results in unreadable garbage.

The sole focus of article writing and content marketing is providing content that is so good that people genuinely want to share it and interact with it. All of Google’s ranking metrics evolve around figuring out whether or not the content on your website is worthy of exposing it to reader en’mass. Period. There are plenty of Blackhat methods that may work today and nail you tomorrow, but it’s much safer to simply learn the proper way to write an article for SEO and make sure it’s worthy of the attention you want to get. That is why DirtyLeopard is going to help you.

What you will learn from this guide:

  • The process of choosing an article topic.
  • Article structure and content flow.
  • The Art of LSI Content.
  • WordPress Post Optimization
  • Tools you can use to give your content a boost.

The Process Of Choosing Your Article Topic
Your article topic will of course depend on the nature of your site and the keyword research you’ve done. Think of the keywords you have researched (Learn Keyword Research Here) and look for keywords that can be easily tied together into a sensible and informative article topic. Maybe your site is about real estate and your wanting to rank an article for the terms “Cincinnati Real Estate” for example. So what do you have to say about Cincinnati Real Estate. It’s best to perform some additional research on your topic and gather supporting facts, quotes and anything else that may help your article hold some weight.  Don’t pick a topic for something you aren’t well informed in. You want your article to be an authoritative perspective on something useful for your readers. When you’re choosing a topic, ask yourself “What would I get out of reading this myself?” “Can I offer solid insight, information and even education to my readers on this topic?”.  It’s been said that the best way to learn is to teach.
Article Structure And Content Flow
Google Ranking factors change constantly, but a constant is that article content needs to engage the reader and keep them engaged for a period of time and then, be cause for that reader to want to expose your amazing content to new readers for you. Here are some key elements you need to include in your article.

Title: Your primary Keyword should be the first or second word/phrase in the title.

Example: Cincinnati Real Estate Market

H1 Tag: Should include your keyword

Example: Why Cincinnati Real Estate Continues To Climb In Value

H2 Tag/Sub Title: Tell the reader what to expect

Example: We explain the why and how facts to support your search.

article writing

Keyword usage: Up to 1% is more than sufficient.

Article Length: Between 1,000 and 2,000 words:

Images: 6 to 10 images – Must use Alt Tags that define what the image/article is about.

Videos: 1 to 2 videos

Supporting Links: Google wants to know that you care as much about your reader as you do your rankings, and by providing a High PR wiki link in your article or other supporting link, this will actually help your rankings. Many people say that outbound links hurt your site. This simply isn’t the case anymore. Crappy links in abundance to crappy sites such as link swaps and that sort of thing can hurt your site, but helping your readers find more information on the topic you are educating them about is a good thing and Google loves it.
The Art of LSI Friendly Content:

Believe it or not, you could potentially be too intelligent to write what Google perceives as quality content. This is of course relative to the target audience of your material but overall, you want your articles to be easy to read by all readers.

A big component of ranking an article for a keyword used to be keyword stuffing. This was a process of adding your keyword to your content or post as many times as possible. Some event went as far as hiding keywords in their articles by putting white text against a white background. Now, it’s much more helpful to utilize LSI keywords, which are basically words that act as synonyms or are closely tied to your keyword.

Here is a totally Free LSI Keyword searcher to help you find words closely related to your keyword that you can use through out your article.

You can also go to Google and perform a search for your keyword. Then scroll all the way down to the bottom where you’ll notice suggested terms. These can also be used as LSI keywords you can sprinkle around your article.

lsi keywordsHere is another article on LSI Keywords you may find useful.


Overall, the focus of writing articles for the purpose of ranking in google is pretty straight forward, though not always possible unless you want to intentionally ramble about very specific things just for the sake of making your articles longer. This article for example could be much longer and for content marketing it should be, but I prefer not to fill the article with fluff just for the same having it. I may add more however, as there are some other things I’d like to cover that I didn’t have a chance to just yet.

Also, if you’re looking to give your content a social boost to help you out rank competitors, you should seriously consider a service like Facebook Auto Poster which is cheap and VERY effective for Facebook likes. Or, if you want thousands of social signals from all of the major platforms, try Drip Revolution.

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Aged Domains http://dirtyleopard.com/aged-domains/ http://dirtyleopard.com/aged-domains/#respond Thu, 02 Jul 2015 17:08:49 +0000 http://dirtyleopard.com/?p=564 Why Aged Domains Are Helpful and Where To Get Them Est Reading Time: Did you know buying a brand new domain will take you longer to rank than a domain that’s already been indexed at least 2 years or more ago? We explain why and where and how to get a domain name that will [...]

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Why Aged Domains Are Helpful and Where To Get Them

Est Reading Time: 4 minutes

Did you know buying a brand new domain will take you longer to rank than a domain that’s already been indexed at least 2 years or more ago? We explain why and where and how to get a domain name that will get you off to the right start. Back in the good ole days you could buy a domain name, spam it full of backlinks and rank a site pretty easily. Now however, if Google sees a new site with too many backlinks, they put it in a not so happy place called the “sandbox”. The sandbox is a place websites are put by Google that restricts their ability to rank above the 20th position in Google and as the saying goes, the best place to hide a dead body is the 2nd page of Google results.

So, what you want to do is find a domain that is aged. Meaning, it was actually indexed by Google at least 2 years ago, or more if possible. Maybe you bought a domain name 5 years ago but didn’t do anything with it but let it sit. That isn’t aged, because it was never born! It’s been in the womb all this time, never to see life or Google’s index spiders. So, sadly, that won’t cut the mustard. It has to be a domain that has been indexed!

Now, one of the best places I find to locate and purchase aged domains is Godaddy Auctions.

godaddy auctions

In the big rectangular box in the middle, put in a keyword associated with your business. If you’re in real estate, try real estate, home, house or something of that nature. Hit go, and see if anything comes up.

godaddy auction real estateAs you can see, there are plenty of options. Now you just have to find one that fits your business, brand or goal and to make sure it’s at least 2 years old or older. To the left of the domain names in the list is a + sign. Click that and it will open more details about the domain.

aged domain results godaddyHere, you can see any bids or offers on the domains, their age and pricing. The cost of the domain is the fee paid to the owner and not your standard annual domain fee. Now, we want to make sure that the domain name you want is actually as old as it says it is and that it wasn’t used for anything you wouldn’t want associated with your business. So, I want you to copy one of the domain names you’re interested in. In this case, I think florencerealestatemlstoday.com has some potential. Then go to Wayback Machine and paste the domain into the field there and hit Browse History.

wayback machine resultsOH NO! That domain hasn’t been indexed before! That means someone registered it 6 years ago but did nothing with it. It’s more or less useless for our needs.

If I scroll down and look through the available domains, I see investmentrealestateproperty.com and when I run it through Wayback Machine, I see it was first indexed on April 3rd of 2013. That’s a nice place to start and the domain is general enough to fit just about anything real estate related, so now I want to make sure the domain wasn’t used in some Churn and Burn campaign whereby someone spammed with with tons of crappy backlinks to get it ranked for lead generation or something. So let’s go to ahrefs.com to run a backlink check.

ahrefs search


Plug the domain into the site explorer box and hit Search.

ahrefs results page

Alright, so, good news and bad news. The good news is, there’s really nothing pointing to the domain. No social signals, no backlinks, etc. You have an aged domain with a clean slate. Bad news is, you have a clean slate. hah! Would be nice if it had some activity to give you a leg up but, it’s an aged domain and it’s cheap so, you are saving yourself a couple years. However, if you could find a domain that is older the domain of your most competitive site, you will be in a much better position to out rank them in the future. But, this domain will do.

Once you have confirmed you found a domain, it’s aged enough and there aren’t any crappy backlinks or shady sites involved with it, go ahead and register your account on Godaddy and buy the domain. If the domain has a Buy Now option, the process should be quick. If it’s an Auction domain, you’ll of course have to remain the highest bidder until the end. From the time you buy the domain to the time it’s transferred to your name takes a few days, sometimes up to a week or so depending on the status of the domain at the time of sale. In other words, if the domain owner let the registration lapse without paying his recurring annual fee, they could be within Godaddy’s recall time period that allows the owner to renew the domain before it’s officially sold off to someone else. It doesn’t happen often, but, Godaddy wants to avoid any issues so they allow time for this just in case.

You’re one step closer to launching a powerful website with ranking potential. But don’t get too cocky pond scum. You haven’t done anything yet!


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How To Find The Best Keywords

Est Reading Time: 7 minutes

At ease recruit! Your life is about to change. As you sit there reading this, you are pond scum! A lost, hungry worm with no real skills and I’ve got news for ya. You’re gonna learn today! Your life is about to change. You’re going to learn things you’ve never read anywhere and you’re going to get the real deal. You will move up the ranks from the pond scum that you are and you will work tirelessly up the ranks until you’re the General of your own troops. Then maybe, just maybe, you will be invited to participate in the secret elite unit. But enough about that for now. It’s time to get busy and right now, you’re going to learn about Keyword Research. Without it, you’re just shooting blanks in the dark and around here, we hit our target everytime. You got that soldier?

So I ask you, what kind of products do you want to market online? Do you want to become a super affiliate marketer making tens of thousands of dollars per month? Perhaps you just want to better market your own product or business online.

Think about what business you want to be in…got it? Good, now give me 10 words related to that business.

Let’s say my business is real estate for example. Some words that would be relevent to my business would be as follows:

Buy a house
Sell a house
Real Estate
House For Sale
Buy A Foreclosure
MLS Listings
Home for sale
Investment Property
Open House

Ok, so we have a general list of words associated with your business. Obviously, if you aren’t in real estate this list isn’t going to help you, but hopefully you know enough about your business to come up with 10 words or what we call Long Tail Keywords such as my “Buy A Foreclosure” example.

Now, my examples above are very broad. Likely, huge traffic earners and if you could rank for any of those in the top 10 results in google, you’d make a fortune! But you can’t, and won’t, because you’re still pond scum and you have to work your way up from the bottom. What do I mean? Well, these keywords are very broad and while very traffic heavy, the competition for them is going to be high. Very high, and websites that have been around longer, have more content, back links and social signals are going to rank for those sites until you catch up to them! As such, you don’t stand a chance at ranking for them right now so you have to narrow your targeting down either by adding more to your long tail keywords or being more specific. Besides, if you happen to be a real estate agent, ranking for “Real Estate” may sound great, but it will be much less effective for you than if you were to rank for “Cincinnati Real Estate” or “Buy A Foreclosure in Cincinnati”.

Not only do we want to narrow our keywords to be more specific, but we want to find as many potential keywords as possible so that we can figure out which ones are less competitive which makes them easier to rank for while still being able to deliver traffic. You see, by ranking high for the less competitive keywords with less traffic, the social signals and other metrics that traffic provides you with will help you rank for bigger keywords later. You start small and work your way up, brick by brick until you have built your dream home.
So, now, I want you to get a tool. This tool is going to help you achieve a great many things but for now, it’s going to help you come up with a huge list of potentially valuable keywords from which to build your new site and or articles.

First things first, get a copy of Keyword Research Pro

Once you have installed it, activate it by clicking Full on the top right and adding the email address you used to buy it. You can use the free version but it’s limited and you cant save projects, etc.

You should see this:

keyword researcher pro

So, click on START a new project. (In your software, not this text pond scum!)

new keyword researcher project

This looks daunting and cavernous, I know. But don’t let it fool you, it’s very easy to use once you get crackin. Though this software does a LOT, which I’ll show you in time, for now, we just want to hunt for some great keywords. Keyword research is an adventure. You will find things you never knew existed. You’ll discover interests people have that will surprise you and you’re going to use this information to your advantage in every possible way.

So you’re going to want to take your keywords and multiply them. For example, “real estate” is a big broad keyword, but you want to make it more specific. So, in box where it says Best Cameras for, etc, delete all of that. Instead, type in * Cincinnati Real Estate then hit the Play Button.

cincinnati real estate keyword

Once you’ve hit play, you will see the software go to work and come up with all of the different variables. The “*” is replaced with all of the letters in the alphabet to find potential keyword options.

cincinnati real estate keyword variables

Alright, you found 223 keyword variables to Cincinnati Real Estate! Not a bad start. But now we need to find out if any of those keywords are worth working with. How many searches are they getting per month and what kind of competition are we in for to try and rank for them. So now, on the bottom half you see Add, List, Keyword? Double click where it says Keyword and this should highlight all of the keyword variables discovered by the software. Then Right Click your now highlighted list and select Copy.

Here, you’re going to check the Search Volume of these keywords to determine their value to you and your site. So, open up Google Keyword Planner. If you haven’t already setup a Gmail Account you can use to log in, please do so now. You’ll be using a lot of Google tools in the near future.

Once you have Google Keyword Planner open, we will check the potential for this new list.


google keyword plannerUnder the Plan Your Budget and Get Insights for Keywords, you’ll see Get Search Volume Data and Trends. Click that.

(You should still have all of those keywords copied to your clipboard, but if not, go back, double click the Keyword header in Keyword Researcher Pro and right click and Copy.) Now Right Click and Paste your Keywords:

keyword results cincinnatiNow, click Get Search Volume.

keyword planer results

You will see all of your keywords represented in a list with metrics to the right displaying Avg Monthly Searches, Competition, Suggested Bid etc. Average monthly searches is how many people are searching for that Keyword in a month. You can narrow your down to specific zip codes, areas, states etc if you wanted to, say, for a local business Pay Per Click campaign. Competition is a general idea as to how many sites are trying to rank for that keyword based on their onsite SEO and backlinks/anchor texts etc. Suggested bid is what you’d expect to pay for top placement in Google during a PPC campaign, more on PPC another time.

Starting out, you want to focus on keywords that are low competition. Northside Cincinnati Real Estate would be a good keyword to use for an article because it’s competition is low and if it brings you 90 clicks a month, that traffic could potentially help you rank for higher competition keywords later.

I know we didn’t go over all of the potential features of Keyword Researcher Pro yet, and we will in time. But this Keyword Research tutorial is to show you the basics of what you need to get you started.

My suggestion to you now is to use the tool to find as many possible keywords as you can that relate to your industry, then, use keyword planner to vet those keywords and take the keywords that are getting traffic and log them in an excel sheet along with their competition status and suggested bid. This is going to be your primary keyword list and when finished should have several hundred keywords in it. In later a later tutorial we will be going over Article Writing that will teach you exactly how to structure your articles to get the best ranking potential.

If after reading all of this and you still would rather someone else do this for you, check out my Gig on Fiverr.com and I’ll do it for you.

If you have any questions, PLEASE, ask me in the comments or on our forums and I will answer you!


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DirtyLeopard.com SEO/Internet T-Shirts Now Available http://dirtyleopard.com/dirtyleopard-com-seointernet-t-shirts-now-available/ http://dirtyleopard.com/dirtyleopard-com-seointernet-t-shirts-now-available/#respond Sat, 20 Jun 2015 16:38:40 +0000 http://dirtyleopard.com/?p=398 Get your favorite SEO Internet Shirts! Now you can show support for DirtyLeopard.com while sporting some awesome SEO/Internet Inspired Tshirts. Are you SEO Friendly? A Blackhat Consultant? Tell the world around you with these fine shirts and assorted accessories. Along with some of the cast of the Billy Bolts Interactive Storybook for iPad, we have [...]

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Get your favorite SEO Internet Shirts!

Now you can show support for DirtyLeopard.com while sporting some awesome SEO/Internet Inspired Tshirts. Are you SEO Friendly? A Blackhat Consultant? Tell the world around you with these fine shirts and assorted accessories.

Along with some of the cast of the Billy Bolts Interactive Storybook for iPad, we have created a series of Shirts and other merchandise with popular SEO and Internet focused sayings so that you can show the world that you are a geek while supporting your favorite new SEO tutorials and online marketing site!

Get your favorite shirt here and if there is something you would like to see but dont, PLEASE, tell us in the comments here and we will get right on it!

Every shirt design comes on a multitude of different shirt styles and colors!

You can also signup as an affiliate and promote the shirts and make a commission on each one!

Thank you for supporting our efforts here at DirtyLeopard.com!


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Get 100’s Of Social Signals Per Post with FB Autoposter http://dirtyleopard.com/get-100s-of-social-signals-per-post-with-fb-autoposter/ http://dirtyleopard.com/get-100s-of-social-signals-per-post-with-fb-autoposter/#respond Sat, 13 Jun 2015 22:56:55 +0000 http://dirtyleopard.com/?p=363 FB Autoposter Saves Countless Hours Posting To Facebook Groups on Autopilot For Quality Social Signals Est Reading Time: I’m not sure if you have noticed, but this is a pretty new site. I’ve been in the game a while but I’ve never launched a blog teaching folks the growing variety of tips and tricks on [...]

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FB Autoposter Saves Countless Hours Posting To Facebook Groups on Autopilot For Quality Social Signals

Est Reading Time: 5 minutes

I’m not sure if you have noticed, but this is a pretty new site. I’ve been in the game a while but I’ve never launched a blog teaching folks the growing variety of tips and tricks on how to generate traffic and rank a site. Well, I’m going to teach you how to use a couple tools to launch your posts into social signal heaven.

First, a little proof of my claims.

get social signals for SEO

This is a screenshot of the social signals I’ve acquired for my Youtube Video Marketing article using Easy VSL. As you can see it was posted on June 6th, 2015. It already has over 300 Facebook Likes in 7 days. Wow! Right? You’ll notice my other articles are doing the same thing and I’m going to show you how I do it.

First thing you’ll need is FB Auto Poster. It’s CHEAP at $10 a month and worth every penny.

You’ll also need my FREE Facebook Marketing Group list. Just pay with a social signal. It’s a Free PDF download and will link you to each of the groups and show you how many members each group has. About a million users total and I’ll be adding more groups to it so make sure you’re a member of my newsletter (should be a newsletter join bar at the bottom of the screen. It goes away once you’ve joined) so you can be alerted to updates!

Now that you have everything you need, you’ll need to join all of those groups! Don’t worry, I’ll wait here patiently until you’re finished…….

Ok, you’re back? Join all of those groups? Good! You can’t be a Dirty Leopard if you are afraid of a little elbow grease!

Now, you have to setup your Facebook Auto Poster.

Assuming you have clicked the link in your signup email to FB Auto Poster and have setup the double verification which you are guided to do when you signup, you now have to setup a Facebook App. It’s SUPER easy so don’t be discouraged.

Right click, open in a new tab —-> Go to your Facebook Developers to create your new app. Register as a Developer if you haven’t already.

facebook developer create an app


Now, click on My Apps, Add New App and click the Grey WWW Website Button.

create a new facebook app

When you see this, put your own domain into the field as this is what will show on your postings. After filling out the name, click on Create New Facebook App ID.

name facebook app

Then click Skip and Create App ID (right top corner)

Then you’ll see this screen:

create new app id

Choose a Displayname, it could be your website or anything you want. The name displays next to the timestamp in the post. Make sure you fill in the Namespace field. Not a URL, but anything else is fine. It’s not shown anywhere.

Then Pick A Category – likely Apps In Pages. Then hit CREATE APP ID. (we are almost done!)

facebook app settingsYou’re now on the Dashboard Page in your developers account on Facebook. Click on Settings in the left sidebar.

Fill in the App Domain: posterapps.net (NO www.) and make sure you click on the link that appears.

Fill in a contact email address, the displayname AND namespace.

Hit Save Changes and click on the Add Platform button in the center below App Domain.

click websiteClick on Website

A new field appears. Enter only the Site URL: http://www.posterapps.net/autoposter/ and click on Save Changes.

turn on the app

Now, Click in the left Sidebar on Status & Review and click on the button the says NO to enable the app so it changes to a YES.

The little dot will become Green and that means your new app is LIVE! Muwahaha!

show facebook app secret

Go back to the Dashboard page in the FB developers settings and click on SHOW in the App Secret Field. You will need to copy and paste both the App Secret and App ID into the Poster Tool. Will explain next.

fb poster tool settings

Please go back to the browser tab with your Postertool (fbgroupposter.com/autoposter). Cick on Settings in the left Sidebar and paste your App ID and App Secret from Facebook here. Scroll down to set your name, email and your timezone. Don’t forget to click on Save Settings when you’re done.

login to facebook

Go back to the Dashboard tab in the left sidebar and scroll down until you see the Facebook Login button, then click on it.

You’ll get a popup, read the text and click OK. (you can ignore the error). In the next popup, make sure you the the settings to PUBLIC, otherwise only your friends can see your posts, then click on OK.

Once you are logged in, you will see the groups you are a member of populated and you’re ready to go. I would suggest going into the List section on the left sidebar and organizing your groups, that way when you go to schedule posts, you don’t have to select the groups you want to post to one by one which is a time sink. Also, if you are a member of lots of different kinds of groups, you can post relevant posts to each group instead of spamming a home and garden group about the latest videos games.

I will assume the rest is self explanatory. You schedule your posts, fill in ALL of the fields when you post and off you go. It takes some time for the postings to complete and you want to make sure you have your posting intervals set to no less than 600, some say as high as 3000, just to reduce the odds of Facebook hammering down on you.

There are additional explanations in the Tutorial provided by AaronandSharon.com (the app creators) available in the Tutorial Section of your members area. There is a downloadable PDF explaining all of the above as well as details on posting types etc. It’s worth a read if you’re at all confused.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this tutorial. Did it help you? Are you becoming a Dirty Leopard and loving it? How many Facebook likes did your first post using this tutorial get in the first week? I want to know!

This concludes out How to guide on Get 100’s Of Social Signals Per Post with FB Autoposter

Thanks all and be well.

UPDATE: I just found out about a software package called Mass Planner. IT’S AMAZING. It actually does everything FB Autoposter does with Facebook as well as Google Plus Communities, and it automates your Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. I’m using it now and am in awe. It’s only $10 a month and so far the best social software I’ve found. Expect a full walk through review soon!


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The Best SEO Tools and Online Marketing Software http://dirtyleopard.com/the-best-seo-tools-and-online-marketing-software/ http://dirtyleopard.com/the-best-seo-tools-and-online-marketing-software/#respond Thu, 11 Jun 2015 19:52:49 +0000 http://dirtyleopard.com/?p=328 We show you the best SEO Tools and where to get them Est Reading Time: I’ve been discovering many amazing tools used to help with various forms of SEO and Online Marketing. Many of which I’ll be offering tutorials on how to use properly, but for now, here is a list of some of the [...]

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We show you the best SEO Tools and where to get them

Est Reading Time: 5 minutes

I’ve been discovering many amazing tools used to help with various forms of SEO and Online Marketing. Many of which I’ll be offering tutorials on how to use properly, but for now, here is a list of some of the best tools to get you started. Many have Free Versions or Free Trials.

Ive used countless tools and software packages in my efforts over the years. Some were great, some not so much. I’ve found uses for online marketing software that others found useless and I’ve found things people love that I thought to be garbage. Nevertheless, part of using software is finding new and useful methods of efficiency. I’m going to break down a list of what I have found to be the most useful tools and software packages and eventually I’ll get around to showing you how to use them all as well! Most you shouldn’t have any troubles figuring out on your own though.

Overall Amazing SEO Software

seo tools  SEO Powersuite (Get The Free Versions) – Quite simply, this suite of SEO tools is amazing. Easy to use and understand whats happening and its so powerful. The best SEO software in the industry, but it’s a little pricey unless you buy the suite together as opposed to getting each title separately. The suite comes with Rank Tracker, Link Assistant, SEO Spyglass and Website Auditor. If you are new to SEO or even a veteran, this suite will save you a lot of money from trying other software that didn’t work so well or it will replace everything you’re using now.

Tiered Link Building On A Budget

seo tools  GSA Search Engine Ranker (Get the Full 5 Day Trial) – I wouldn’t use this for backlinks to your money site or homepage anymore but for building Tiered Backlinks, there is nothing better. I’ve built 200,000 backlinks in 24 hours before with this software during my churn and burn lead gen campaigns. This is VERY powerful software and relatively cheap too.

seo tools  Link Emperor – ($50 links for $7) An amazing web based link building service that utilizes private network blogs and tiers.

seo tools  SEnuke (Full 14 day trial) – One of the big daddies of backlink building software but its pricey. If you’re already rich, check it out!

Competitor Analysis

seo tools Traffic Travis (Free Version)- If you are getting your hands dirty in SEO on a budget, Traffic Travis is one of the best tools I’ve found that doesn’t cost a fortune. $99 a year and it has all of the bells and whistles. You can see my Traffic Travis review here.

seo tools SemRush(Free Version) – A very powerful web based system.

Content Creation

seo tools WordAI (3 Day Trial) – Content Spinner for Article Marketing

seo tools Spinner Chief (Free Version or $7 for 3 Day Trial) – They claim to be the best. You’ll have to decide for yourself.

Email Marketing

seo tools aWeber (Free 30 Day Trial) – Seriously, I’m going to use this eventually. I’ve read all about it, watched the videos and it looks AMAZING. I know it’s the crem’de’le’crem of newsletter email marketing and auto responders. All of the top players use it. I will too, just not yet….

seo tools GetResponse (Free 30 Day Trial – aWeber‘s major competitor. Looks pretty good.


seo tools JvZooHost – This is a major marketing company that now provides hosting services on the cheap. Worth looking into.

seo tools CloudFlare (Free Version) CDN Hosting – Basically, they host your images and videos and other such website content so that your site loads faster not only in the US but in other countries. It helps with SEO ranking as load times for sites are a ranking signal.

Keyword Research

seo tools Market Samurai (Full 14 Day Trial) – The keyword modules in Market Samurai are of the best in the business. This is how you find profitable niche keywords to make you money!

On Site SEO

seo tools Website Auditor (Free Version) – This single title is bundled in the SEO Powersuite and is amazing!

seo tools Pingdom (Free Tool) – Test your sites loading speeds for free. Very good and free tool.

Rank Tracking

seo tools Rank Tracker (Free Version) – This is bundled in the SEO PowerSuite and is of course one of the best titles on the market.

seo tools SerpBook (Free 14 Day Trial) – This is pretty sick as it will check your rankings up to 12 times daily in the cloud! Boom! It also checks other metrics such as PR, Alexa and more.

SEO Multi Tools

seo tools Market Samurai (Full 14 Day Trial) – The keyword modules in Market Samurai are of the best in the business. This is how you find profitable niche keywords to make you money!

seo tools Traffic Travis (Free Version)- If you are getting your hands dirty in SEO on a budget, Traffic Travis is one of the best tools I’ve found that doesn’t cost a fortune. $99 a year and it has all of the bells and whistles. You can see my Traffic Travis review here.

Social Media

seo tools Drip Revolution (7 Day Trial) – This is a great and fairly cheap way of building mass social signals to your website or articles. They integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube ad more.

seo tools Tweet Attacks Pro ($7 trial)- If you want to create, run and manage hundreds of Twitter Accounts on autopilot, this is the best software you’ll find to do it with ease.

seo tools SocialSynd ($1 Trial) – This is simply badass if you’re wanting serious social signals. SocialSynd will drip social signals to any URL you want including Facebook, Youtube videos, etc.

HootSuite (Free Version) – You can use Hootsuite to manage Twitterk Facebook and Google+ and schedule update posts and more.

seo tools TubeToolbox (Free Trial) – This software is rediculous for anyone want to promote anything using youtube. Period.


seo tools SocialLocker – Awesome plugin that enables you to high links or content behind a social pay wall. Pay with a Teet or Like and the user gets access to your special treat.

seo tools ZeroBounce WP Plugin – Seriously, this should be the first plugin you install on your WordPress site. I use it and it works. Bounce rates are a big ranking signal and having a high one can slam your site. This plugin lets you redirect users to whatever URL you want when they click their back button. It’s amazing.


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WP Super Cache: Unable To Locate WordPress Plugin Directory (Fixed) http://dirtyleopard.com/wp-super-cache-unable-to-locate-wordpress-plugin-directory-fixed/ http://dirtyleopard.com/wp-super-cache-unable-to-locate-wordpress-plugin-directory-fixed/#respond Wed, 10 Jun 2015 19:30:48 +0000 http://dirtyleopard.com/?p=324 We show you how to fix WP Super Cache so you can get rid of it. Est Reading Time: I almost lost it all, for no good reason. Looking to speed up DirtyLeopard as much as possible I installed WP Super Cache and boy was that a huge mistake. WP Super Cache: Unable To Locate [...]

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We show you how to fix WP Super Cache so you can get rid of it.

Est Reading Time: 1 minute

I almost lost it all, for no good reason. Looking to speed up DirtyLeopard as much as possible I installed WP Super Cache and boy was that a huge mistake.

WP Super Cache: Unable To Locate WordPress Plugin Directory (Fixed)

Never Use WP Super Cache on Your WordPress Site

After installed the WP Super Cache plugin, I follow instructions on getting it setup and used mostly recommended settings and I figured all was well. Later that day, I went to install another plugin to find this error: “Could not install plugin. Can’t find wordpress plugin directory.”

I knew the last thing I had done was setup WP Super Cache and all was fine before that.

So, I logged in through FTP and when I tried to go into the wp-content directory, it wouldn’t let me! I went into my file manager on my server to gain access and I was locked out there too!

I was losing my mind. So, here is what fixed this.

#1. Deactivate the WP Super Cache Plugin and say “Good riddance”

#2. Go to your original WordPress files and get your original config.php (before Super Cache changed it) and upload it, replacing the old one (with Super Cache code in it)

#3. Right click and change your permissions on your wp-content folder to 755.

#4. You should be able to go back and delete the WP Super Cache plugin and all should be back to normal.

I hope this helps you as I’ve seen a lot of really complicated fixes but this is what worked for me and so far, the site has been running as normal.

Let me know if this worked for you in the comments? Like, share? Help this article get ranked so more people can find it!


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