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Get 100’s Of Social Signals Per Post with FB Autoposter

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FB Autoposter Saves Countless Hours Posting To Facebook Groups on Autopilot For Quality Social Signals

Est Reading Time: 5 minutes

I’m not sure if you have noticed, but this is a pretty new site. I’ve been in the game a while but I’ve never launched a blog teaching folks the growing variety of tips and tricks on how to generate traffic and rank a site. Well, I’m going to teach you how to use a couple tools to launch your posts into social signal heaven.

First, a little proof of my claims.

get social signals for SEO

This is a screenshot of the social signals I’ve acquired for my Youtube Video Marketing article using Easy VSL. As you can see it was posted on June 6th, 2015. It already has over 300 Facebook Likes in 7 days. Wow! Right? You’ll notice my other articles are doing the same thing and I’m going to show you how I do it.

First thing you’ll need is FB Auto Poster. It’s CHEAP at $10 a month and worth every penny.

You’ll also need my FREE Facebook Marketing Group list. Just pay with a social signal. It’s a Free PDF download and will link you to each of the groups and show you how many members each group has. About a million users total and I’ll be adding more groups to it so make sure you’re a member of my newsletter (should be a newsletter join bar at the bottom of the screen. It goes away once you’ve joined) so you can be alerted to updates!

Now that you have everything you need, you’ll need to join all of those groups! Don’t worry, I’ll wait here patiently until you’re finished…….

Ok, you’re back? Join all of those groups? Good! You can’t be a Dirty Leopard if you are afraid of a little elbow grease!

Now, you have to setup your Facebook Auto Poster.

Assuming you have clicked the link in your signup email to FB Auto Poster and have setup the double verification which you are guided to do when you signup, you now have to setup a Facebook App. It’s SUPER easy so don’t be discouraged.

Right click, open in a new tab —-> Go to your Facebook Developers to create your new app. Register as a Developer if you haven’t already.

facebook developer create an app


Now, click on My Apps, Add New App and click the Grey WWW Website Button.

create a new facebook app

When you see this, put your own domain into the field as this is what will show on your postings. After filling out the name, click on Create New Facebook App ID.

name facebook app

Then click Skip and Create App ID (right top corner)

Then you’ll see this screen:

create new app id

Choose a Displayname, it could be your website or anything you want. The name displays next to the timestamp in the post. Make sure you fill in the Namespace field. Not a URL, but anything else is fine. It’s not shown anywhere.

Then Pick A Category – likely Apps In Pages. Then hit CREATE APP ID. (we are almost done!)

facebook app settingsYou’re now on the Dashboard Page in your developers account on Facebook. Click on Settings in the left sidebar.

Fill in the App Domain: (NO www.) and make sure you click on the link that appears.

Fill in a contact email address, the displayname AND namespace.

Hit Save Changes and click on the Add Platform button in the center below App Domain.

click websiteClick on Website

A new field appears. Enter only the Site URL: and click on Save Changes.

turn on the app

Now, Click in the left Sidebar on Status & Review and click on the button the says NO to enable the app so it changes to a YES.

The little dot will become Green and that means your new app is LIVE! Muwahaha!

show facebook app secret

Go back to the Dashboard page in the FB developers settings and click on SHOW in the App Secret Field. You will need to copy and paste both the App Secret and App ID into the Poster Tool. Will explain next.

fb poster tool settings

Please go back to the browser tab with your Postertool ( Cick on Settings in the left Sidebar and paste your App ID and App Secret from Facebook here. Scroll down to set your name, email and your timezone. Don’t forget to click on Save Settings when you’re done.

login to facebook

Go back to the Dashboard tab in the left sidebar and scroll down until you see the Facebook Login button, then click on it.

You’ll get a popup, read the text and click OK. (you can ignore the error). In the next popup, make sure you the the settings to PUBLIC, otherwise only your friends can see your posts, then click on OK.

Once you are logged in, you will see the groups you are a member of populated and you’re ready to go. I would suggest going into the List section on the left sidebar and organizing your groups, that way when you go to schedule posts, you don’t have to select the groups you want to post to one by one which is a time sink. Also, if you are a member of lots of different kinds of groups, you can post relevant posts to each group instead of spamming a home and garden group about the latest videos games.

I will assume the rest is self explanatory. You schedule your posts, fill in ALL of the fields when you post and off you go. It takes some time for the postings to complete and you want to make sure you have your posting intervals set to no less than 600, some say as high as 3000, just to reduce the odds of Facebook hammering down on you.

There are additional explanations in the Tutorial provided by (the app creators) available in the Tutorial Section of your members area. There is a downloadable PDF explaining all of the above as well as details on posting types etc. It’s worth a read if you’re at all confused.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this tutorial. Did it help you? Are you becoming a Dirty Leopard and loving it? How many Facebook likes did your first post using this tutorial get in the first week? I want to know!

This concludes out How to guide on Get 100’s Of Social Signals Per Post with FB Autoposter

Thanks all and be well.

UPDATE: I just found out about a software package called Mass Planner. IT’S AMAZING. It actually does everything FB Autoposter does with Facebook as well as Google Plus Communities, and it automates your Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. I’m using it now and am in awe. It’s only $10 a month and so far the best social software I’ve found. Expect a full walk through review soon!


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