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How To Find The Best Keywords

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At ease recruit! Your life is about to change. As you sit there reading this, you are pond scum! A lost, hungry worm with no real skills and I’ve got news for ya. You’re gonna learn today! Your life is about to change. You’re going to learn things you’ve never read anywhere and you’re going to get the real deal. You will move up the ranks from the pond scum that you are and you will work tirelessly up the ranks until you’re the General of your own troops. Then maybe, just maybe, you will be invited to participate in the secret elite unit. But enough about that for now. It’s time to get busy and right now, you’re going to learn about Keyword Research. Without it, you’re just shooting blanks in the dark and around here, we hit our target everytime. You got that soldier?

So I ask you, what kind of products do you want to market online? Do you want to become a super affiliate marketer making tens of thousands of dollars per month? Perhaps you just want to better market your own product or business online.

Think about what business you want to be in…got it? Good, now give me 10 words related to that business.

Let’s say my business is real estate for example. Some words that would be relevent to my business would be as follows:

Buy a house
Sell a house
Real Estate
House For Sale
Buy A Foreclosure
MLS Listings
Home for sale
Investment Property
Open House

Ok, so we have a general list of words associated with your business. Obviously, if you aren’t in real estate this list isn’t going to help you, but hopefully you know enough about your business to come up with 10 words or what we call Long Tail Keywords such as my “Buy A Foreclosure” example.

Now, my examples above are very broad. Likely, huge traffic earners and if you could rank for any of those in the top 10 results in google, you’d make a fortune! But you can’t, and won’t, because you’re still pond scum and you have to work your way up from the bottom. What do I mean? Well, these keywords are very broad and while very traffic heavy, the competition for them is going to be high. Very high, and websites that have been around longer, have more content, back links and social signals are going to rank for those sites until you catch up to them! As such, you don’t stand a chance at ranking for them right now so you have to narrow your targeting down either by adding more to your long tail keywords or being more specific. Besides, if you happen to be a real estate agent, ranking for “Real Estate” may sound great, but it will be much less effective for you than if you were to rank for “Cincinnati Real Estate” or “Buy A Foreclosure in Cincinnati”.

Not only do we want to narrow our keywords to be more specific, but we want to find as many potential keywords as possible so that we can figure out which ones are less competitive which makes them easier to rank for while still being able to deliver traffic. You see, by ranking high for the less competitive keywords with less traffic, the social signals and other metrics that traffic provides you with will help you rank for bigger keywords later. You start small and work your way up, brick by brick until you have built your dream home.
So, now, I want you to get a tool. This tool is going to help you achieve a great many things but for now, it’s going to help you come up with a huge list of potentially valuable keywords from which to build your new site and or articles.

First things first, get a copy of Keyword Research Pro

Once you have installed it, activate it by clicking Full on the top right and adding the email address you used to buy it. You can use the free version but it’s limited and you cant save projects, etc.

You should see this:

keyword researcher pro

So, click on START a new project. (In your software, not this text pond scum!)

new keyword researcher project

This looks daunting and cavernous, I know. But don’t let it fool you, it’s very easy to use once you get crackin. Though this software does a LOT, which I’ll show you in time, for now, we just want to hunt for some great keywords. Keyword research is an adventure. You will find things you never knew existed. You’ll discover interests people have that will surprise you and you’re going to use this information to your advantage in every possible way.

So you’re going to want to take your keywords and multiply them. For example, “real estate” is a big broad keyword, but you want to make it more specific. So, in box where it says Best Cameras for, etc, delete all of that. Instead, type in * Cincinnati Real Estate then hit the Play Button.

cincinnati real estate keyword

Once you’ve hit play, you will see the software go to work and come up with all of the different variables. The “*” is replaced with all of the letters in the alphabet to find potential keyword options.

cincinnati real estate keyword variables

Alright, you found 223 keyword variables to Cincinnati Real Estate! Not a bad start. But now we need to find out if any of those keywords are worth working with. How many searches are they getting per month and what kind of competition are we in for to try and rank for them. So now, on the bottom half you see Add, List, Keyword? Double click where it says Keyword and this should highlight all of the keyword variables discovered by the software. Then Right Click your now highlighted list and select Copy.

Here, you’re going to check the Search Volume of these keywords to determine their value to you and your site. So, open up Google Keyword Planner. If you haven’t already setup a Gmail Account you can use to log in, please do so now. You’ll be using a lot of Google tools in the near future.

Once you have Google Keyword Planner open, we will check the potential for this new list.


google keyword plannerUnder the Plan Your Budget and Get Insights for Keywords, you’ll see Get Search Volume Data and Trends. Click that.

(You should still have all of those keywords copied to your clipboard, but if not, go back, double click the Keyword header in Keyword Researcher Pro and right click and Copy.) Now Right Click and Paste your Keywords:

keyword results cincinnatiNow, click Get Search Volume.

keyword planer results

You will see all of your keywords represented in a list with metrics to the right displaying Avg Monthly Searches, Competition, Suggested Bid etc. Average monthly searches is how many people are searching for that Keyword in a month. You can narrow your down to specific zip codes, areas, states etc if you wanted to, say, for a local business Pay Per Click campaign. Competition is a general idea as to how many sites are trying to rank for that keyword based on their onsite SEO and backlinks/anchor texts etc. Suggested bid is what you’d expect to pay for top placement in Google during a PPC campaign, more on PPC another time.

Starting out, you want to focus on keywords that are low competition. Northside Cincinnati Real Estate would be a good keyword to use for an article because it’s competition is low and if it brings you 90 clicks a month, that traffic could potentially help you rank for higher competition keywords later.

I know we didn’t go over all of the potential features of Keyword Researcher Pro yet, and we will in time. But this Keyword Research tutorial is to show you the basics of what you need to get you started.

My suggestion to you now is to use the tool to find as many possible keywords as you can that relate to your industry, then, use keyword planner to vet those keywords and take the keywords that are getting traffic and log them in an excel sheet along with their competition status and suggested bid. This is going to be your primary keyword list and when finished should have several hundred keywords in it. In later a later tutorial we will be going over Article Writing that will teach you exactly how to structure your articles to get the best ranking potential.

If after reading all of this and you still would rather someone else do this for you, check out my Gig on and I’ll do it for you.

If you have any questions, PLEASE, ask me in the comments or on our forums and I will answer you!


Keyword Research
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Keyword Research
How to find the best keywords is a tutorial that teaches you the proper tools and methods to finding keywords you're likely to rank for that will draw traffic to your site.
I have been involved in online marketing for over 15 years and am inspired by others to learn while teaching the latest tricks in the field.
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