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Mass Planner – Social Media Automation Tool Guide

mass planner

Mass Planner is the Best Social Media Automation Tool Around, Period!

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For years I’ve been trying every tool around to automate not just one, but all of my social media accounts and I finally found the best social media automation tool in existence. Mass Planner enables me to automate everything! I’m growing all of my social accounts on autopilot and I’m going to show you how to do the same, right now.

I’ve literally spent years looking for a tool that enables me to do everything Mass Planner does and I found it by accident. It’s been around a little while but not many people seem to know about it apparently. Mass Planner enables you to put your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and LinkedIn accounts on true autopilot. It will search for and add you to groups, post to those groups for you, interact with posts, like things and more to get you in front of thousands of people and get your numbers increasing day by day. It’s quite honestly amazing and I don’t say that about much software.

Mass Planner Social Media AutomationThis is a screenshot of my new Twitter account for DirtyLeopard. I’ve had Mass Planner running for about a week so far on what started as a brand new twitter account. I did nothing but setup the account, configure Mass Planner and let it run until now. I haven’t turned on the Unfollow feature yet but will when I get to a certain point and I have 257 followers, all of which came from being related to specific keywords I setup. This is really good for a weeks worth of not doing anything…so let’s get into how we setup Mass Planner and configure it for your accounts.

 First Things First

The first and obvious thing you’ll need to do is get your copy of Mass Planner by clicking the link. It’s CHEAP at only $10 a month.

If you don’t already have them, you’ll want to go and setup your Facebook, Google, Twitter and Pinterest Accounts now and save your username/passwords.

Once you’ve purchased your account, download the software and we can get started!

Start by logging into your account like so:

mass planner log in


Now, let’s take a look at the Dashboard Tabs so you know where you’re going and what you’re looking at.

In the Summary tab you can review all the actions performed by Mass Planner in a chronological order. You will see the actions for each account. If the application encountered an error while performing an action a Yes will appear in the ERROR column.

mass planner dashboard summary

The Statistics Tab shows you a series of useful data about your campaigns like the number of published posts per day, minimum and maximum number of posts per day ( this is an average of the whole period you have been using Mass Planner) along with a chart.

mass planner dashboard statistics

Social Profiles displays the status of the various social media accounts you have configured in Mass Planner including some statistics on what each account has going for it at the time such as groups that account is joined into, follows on the account etc.

mass planner social profiles


The Tools Tab shows you the social accounts you’ve setup with the Automation element status of each. In other words, if you have Auto Join turned on for your Facebook account, it will show you that Facebook’s Auto Join feature is turned on with the status at it is now.


mass planner tools

Settings Tab shows you the general application settings for the software.

mass planner general settings

Destination Lists are where you will setup what you want each social account to do, actions to perform and so forth. Don’t worry we will be getting into all of this in detail and you’ll be a pro in no time. We are just getting you familiar with the screens first.

mass planer destination

Campaigns List: I don’t currently have any content campaigns running but this is where you will set those up.

mass planner campaigns

Alright, so you know your general way around the software and what to expect when we reference these tabs from here on. Let’s get started with setting up your software and your first social media account.

 Add Social Media Account

So on the left dashboard, click Social Profiles and then click on the Add Profile Button.

add social media acount


Did you know Twitter is the second largest Search Engine next to Google? People search Twitter for content like they do in Google and when you #hashtag content on your Twitter account, its like tagging your post as relevant to that keyword and helps it become found in Twitter searches. So, that being said let’s start by adding your Twitter profile.

add twitter account

Name your Twitter account in case you have more than one Twitter account you plan to add. Add some tags if you’d like which can help you find your accounts if you end up becoming a power user in the future and drop in your username and password. Once it’s all been added, click Verify Account. It’s status will change to pending. After a minute or two, provided there aren’t any issues with your username and password, when you click on the Social Profiles Tab, you’ll see your account is now Valid and ready to use.

Add Twitter Account

add your twitter login details

Setting up all of your social media accounts is pretty straight forward but just to make sure we cover everything, this video below will show you how to setup your Google Plus account and Facebook Account using proxies. You likely won’t need to use proxies unless you know you need to and if you know you need to, you likely have proxies to use, but if not, you can get cheap proxies here.

Alright, so your accounts are setup in the system and now they just need some instruction on what you went them to do. So, on the left Dashboard panel click on the Tools tab and you’ll see the Twitter account you setup. The image below is what you’ll see next.

Follow Settings

mass planner twitter settingsTwitter Settings Breakdown

Follow TabThese settings dictate your auto follow operations. It will seek out and follow people related to keywords you setup In the Follow Sources Tab) for the account. After a while, you can change these keywords to find new people to follow.

Wait Between: This is how long you want the software to wait between actions. The default settings are fine typically and so the system will run through a cycle every 45 to 90 minutes.

Follow Between: Broken down by operation, this is the number of people the tool will Follow between cycles. With Social Media, it’s common and somewhat expected for people to follow back, meaning, you follow them, they follow you back in exchange. Though not everyone does this, which is why Mass Planner has an Unfollow system as well. We will get to that in a bit.

Follow A Maximum Of: The number of people per day you want to follow.

Stop The Tool for: Default settings are fine here. You can restrict the tools actions to prevent any issues with being flagged as spamming etc but the default settings are fine. This is more for people who change the settings to blast the world in a short period of time and then want to take breaks, which you don’t want to do. That type of thing is more for hard core marketers churning and burning accounts for affiliate sales and things like that.

Follow Between (Time): This is so you can set your account to run during your own typical awake times or if you just want it to run during your night times. Mass Planner doesnt take many computer resources but if you want it to run these cycles only at night, you can set it that way.

The settings below here are pretty self explanatory. Follow only people that have a profile image, has a minimum number of tweets, etc.


Follow Sources Tab

mass planner follow sourcesThe follow sources tab is where you define who you want Twitter to connect with.

Follow People By Keyword: This is so powerful. If you want to find and connect with people in an industry, plug it in here. I want to connect with people in Cincinnati, OH, Kentucky as well as Realtors and Public Speakers so you can see the keywords I used here. Maybe you a realtor and you want to connect with people in your market, so use your market and neighborhoods as keywords. Homeowner, Cincinnati, Loveland, Buy A Home, Sell A Home etc. The software will run out and follow everyone it finds with those keywords associated with their profile. It’s very powerful

Follow Friends Of Target Accounts: We are all competing for something. Maybe you’re a realtor who wants to know everyone another realtor knows? Maybe you want to have the same Twitter reach as someone else? Plug that persons Twitter account in here and it will auto follow all of their followers…hah!

Follow friends of existing friend: This will tell the tool to pick random people from your results and follow their friends.

Follow people from provided list: If you happen to have a master list of Twitter accounts you got somewhere, plug them in here and the system will follow them all for you.

Follow members from provided Twitter Lists: This will follow members of particular Twitter lists you provide.

Once you have this all setup, go ahead and click Start Auto Follow (Upper right corner, Blue Button)!

You’re off to the races! Oh, but we aren’t done. Click the Follow Back Tab.

Follow Back Settings

follow back settingsSame as the Follow Tab, except this will figure out when people follow you and follow them back up to your specifications. Then click Start Auto Follow-Back.

Unfollow Settings

twitter unfollowYour Unfollow Tab sets the specifications on if and when to Unfollow people.

Unfollow items after a minimum of (set to 10 days) just to be nice.

Everything else can remain default except: Add a check in Target all followers from Autofollow. If you leave this unchecked, it will only unfollow people you used the software to follow in the first place. If you check it, it will begin to unfollow anyone that hasn’t followed you.

Now: Click Start Auto-Unfollow

Favorite Settings

twitter favoritesThis is where we begin the actual interactivity of Mass Planner. This will Favorite items from Twitter related to keywords you specify.

Keywords: Add your keyword terms here.

Everything else here can be left at default settings. Click Start Auto Favorite (Top right Blue Button).

(I know you already got your copy of Mass Planner, but if by some odd chance you haven’t yet, Get It Here!)

Retweet Settings

twitter retweetsRetweets are important on Twitter. It shows you care and are active which inspires others to retweet things you post which is exactly what you want. If you’re a realtor or other professional and you post something on Twitter, you want as many people as possible to see it, find it etc and Retweets are when you basically, post something someone else posted by clicking a button. The default settings on this Retweet Tab are fine unless you want to reduce the number of retweets you do per day. You can change that 5 to a 1 or 2 and set the times if you’d like.

Retweet Comment: This should be very short but a general comment that would be added to the percentage of Tweets you Retweet with the percentage being changeable below the Retweet Comment box.

 Retweet Sources Tabretweet sources

 Again, here on the Retweet Sources Tab you can specify which keywords you want the content you Retweet to contain. You can also add a specific list of Twitter accounts that you want to Retweet from or from Twitter Lists.

You should now have your first Social Media account setup, configured and already working in the background. For the sake of not making this article 15,000 words long I’ll assume you can figure out how to add your remaining Social accounts to the system. If you have any questions, just ask in the comments.

Now, there is a lot more you can do with Mass Planner such as Group Joiner, Group Posting and Content Publication which I will be adding in an update to this article very soon.

Mass Planner is honestly one of the most amazing, time saving pieces of software I’ve found to date and for the price, it’s an absolute steal. Set it, forget it and in a month or two your social media accounts will be buzzing like beehives and helping you generate much wanted traffic to your site.


Mass Planner - Social Media Automation Tool Guide
Article Name
Mass Planner - Social Media Automation Tool Guide
We teach you how to use the most powerful social automation tool on the internet. Automate your Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and more!
I have been involved in online marketing for over 15 years and am inspired by others to learn while teaching the latest tricks in the field.
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