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Traffic Travis SEO Software Review

Traffic Travis Review

We review Traffic Travis and teach you how to use it!

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Through the years I’ve used a great many tools to help my SEO efforts. Some I see people tout to be amazing only to find them not so much while others I’ve found not talked about much to be fantastic. Here is my review/tutorial for Traffic Travis. May the traffic be ever in your favor.

I’ve been in online marketing for many years and I’m of course always looking for amazing tools to help me in my efforts. There are some amazing software packages out there for those with big wallets such as AHREFS, Majestic etc, however, they are expensive and though they provide an abundance of data at the time I was just looking for something free or inexpensive that would enable me to see where I was ranking for my target keywords for my site while being able to compare my back link metrics against competitors so I knew what I would need to do to be competitive.

I downloaded the free version of Traffic Travis to test it out. It’s limitations on the free version are that you can only use it for a couple of websites at a time, keyword data is a bit limited etc, however, I could tell right away that it was something useful.

So let’s break this software down.


For a normal user with just one site, you probably wont need Proxies to help. If you’re using this for more than one site, you’ll want at least 5 to 1 proxies. A proxy just makes it look like more than one user is performing all of these activities so that you dont start getting slammed with Captchas at every turn which can be annoying. If you don’t have any Proxies, get them cheap come Proxy Bonanza 10 shared Proxies for $7.50 is great and you’ll need them.

When you get your proxies, just click on the top left of Traffic Travis and go to File, Program Options. Click the Internet Tab in the new window that opens and paste your proxies in there. Congrats! You just saved yourself a LOT of time and made everything from here on much easier! If you haven’t yet, go get your proxies now!

traffic travis adwords

On this tab, you should ad in your Google Adwords login/password. This helps with fetching a lot of traffic data you’ll need later.


When you first open up Traffic Travis, it’s very easy to add your projects. Just click Create A New Project.


Start by adding your Project Name, your site URL such as http;//, add your Sitemap URL (if you are ranking a wordpress site there are many Sitemap plugins you can use to get this) and then enter the keywords you’re trying to rank for. By default Traffic Travis is set to search your rankings in Bing, Yahoo and Google and what you’ll find often is if you do well in Google, you probably aren’t doing as well in Bing and Yahoo and vise versa. It’s silly, I know but it fluctuates often. You can add international search engines if you’d like and on the bottom right corner, you can set how many results to check. It’s default is 10, but I typically set it to 100 so that if I start to rank a keyword at all in the top 100 results, I want to know so that I can monitor it’s progress as I’m performing SEO. There are other options in the Top Tab such as Update Settings etc, but for now the defaults are fine. Save your project!

Let Traffic Travis work until it’s updated all of your data. It can take a few minutes depending on how new your site is, how many backlinks you have, keywords, search engines etc. The more data is working on, the longer it will take.


So let’s breakdown the results a bit, shall we?

Domain Authority: This is a score given to your entire site from 0-100 that tells you how much power your site has for ranking keywords in google. It’s measured from a combination of metrics such as social signals, backlinks and more. It’s easier to get from 10 to 20 than it is to go from 70 to 80.

Alexa Traffic Rank: This is a score based on the traffic registered from users running the Alexa toolbar that visit your site.

Page Warnings: Clicking the Exclamation will bring up a page showing you a (limited to 100 in Free Version) list of pages that suffer from various things such as missing alt tags on images, broken links, lack of H1 headings, etc so that you can fix them to help your site rank. Scrolling down will also show you have may Twitter links, Pinterest Pins and other social signals that page has. VERY useful!

traffic travis page warning

Sitemap: If you have one. It helps to have one.

Keyword Count/Traffic Potential: The number of keywords you have added to monitor as well as the¬† traffic your site would get if you were ranking for them. This isn’t actually accurate here as it’s not yet connected to my Adwords account which pulls that data from Googles Adwords Metrics.

Pages Indexed: This shows you how many pages are indexed in Google. The more the better!

Ranking In Top 5: Shows what keywords you rank for in the Top 5.

Ranking in Top 10: Show what keywords you rank for in the Top 10.

Top 5 Ranked Keywords: Shows you the Top 5 Keywords that are ranking.

Backlinks: This is important as it shows you the number of backlinks linking to your site AND the number of Unique IP’s they are coming from. In SEO, backlinks are Queen (content is King), however, you want your backlinks to come from as many different IP addresses as possible. This is because some people will try to scam the system by amassing backlinks to a site from just a few sites or a small network which no longer counts for much. Finally, this section will show you the Page Authority of the top sites linking back to you. Page Authority is like Domain Authority except this is a score given to just the page linking to you and not the entire site. Higher the PA, the more power the link to you has.

 Keyword Research

traffic travis keyword research

Clicking the Research Tab will bring you to this page. Clicking in the Keyword box will bring up the Keywords you’ve already loaded into your project and help you not only find more keywords related to the ones you’re working on, but assuming you have added your Adwords login information, it will pull a lot of additional data to help you such as the Global Count which is the number of times per month the keyword is searched for in Google across the world, US Count for the same thing just in the US, the Competition for that keyword (higher the competition the harder it is to rank for and typically the more expensive that keyword is to use in Pay Per Click Campaigns and low and behold it even tells you the suggested bid per click for the keyword. There is a lot of useful data here and it’s a great tool for finding new keywords you may want to rank for while showing you how much money you’ll save by ranking the keyword organically over launching a PPC campaign for it.

There are several other features to the software that can be useful but I’ll leave those for future updates or questions in the comments of this post. I highly encourage you to ask questions in the comments as I will be more than happy to help you in any way that I can.


Overall Traffic Travis is a very useful title that gives you a big bang for your new to intermediate level buck. At $99 a year, it’s far cheaper than the $99 per month the bigger players in the market demand and Traffic Travis does a lot of the same things while being more user friendly in many ways. The FREE version is a great starting point for new users to use and learn the software for a website or two, then it’s time to pay the piper for the expanded offerings Traffic Travis has and it’s worth it. I wish Traffic Travis was a one time fee of $150 for life and sold plugins to expand it’s functionality over paying an annual license fee, but regardless, when compared to it’s competitors, its a great set of tools at a great value and one I think everyone actively working towards ranking their site should use. This concludes my Traffic Travis SEO Software Review and I hope you find it helpful.

Get Traffic Travis Here.

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