WP Super Cache: Unable To Locate WordPress Plugin Directory (Fixed)

unable to locate wordpress plugin directory

We show you how to fix WP Super Cache so you can get rid of it.

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I almost lost it all, for no good reason. Looking to speed up DirtyLeopard as much as possible I installed WP Super Cache and boy was that a huge mistake.

WP Super Cache: Unable To Locate WordPress Plugin Directory (Fixed)

Never Use WP Super Cache on Your WordPress Site

After installed the WP Super Cache plugin, I follow instructions on getting it setup and used mostly recommended settings and I figured all was well. Later that day, I went to install another plugin to find this error: “Could not install plugin. Can’t find wordpress plugin directory.”

I knew the last thing I had done was setup WP Super Cache and all was fine before that.

So, I logged in through FTP and when I tried to go into the wp-content directory, it wouldn’t let me! I went into my file manager on my server to gain access and I was locked out there too!

I was losing my mind. So, here is what fixed this.

#1. Deactivate the WP Super Cache Plugin and say “Good riddance”

#2. Go to your original WordPress files and get your original config.php (before Super Cache changed it) and upload it, replacing the old one (with Super Cache code in it)

#3. Right click and change your permissions on your wp-content folder to 755.

#4. You should be able to go back and delete the WP Super Cache plugin and all should be back to normal.

I hope this helps you as I’ve seen a lot of really complicated fixes but this is what worked for me and so far, the site has been running as normal.

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